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DO-NOT-DISTURB Registration-

Your Tele Marketing Prefrences Through SMS

You can set your preferences via SMS by sending an SMS to 1909. Follow the instructions given below carefully to completely block or partially allow tele marketing calls.
Fully blocked

To avail the fully blocked option which blocks all seven categories, you have to send SMS  START 0  to 1909.

Partially blocked For registering to partially blocked option, you have to send an SMS in the format  given below:

Send  START 1  for receiving SMS relating to Banking/Insurance/ Financial products /credit card s

Send START 2 for receiving SMS relating to  Real Estate

  Send START 3 for receiving SMS relating to  Education

Send START 4 for receiving SMS relating to  Health

Send START 5 for receiving SMS relating to  Consumer   goods and automobiles  
Send  START 6 for receiving SMS relating to Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT

Send START 7 for receiving SMS relating to  Tourism  and Leisure.

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