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Short Codes
S.No Code Type of service procedure Remark
1. 123 Self Care for Prepaid Mobile For self Activation of  STV  Your Prepaid Mobile, Send HELP via SMS to 123

Act as per Menu Received in your mobile & reply back your desired STV  Short Code to 123. The Value of the STV will be deducted from Your balance.

2. 53333 Mobile Bill/usage 1. To Know total amount of your Last Bill or Current Usage Amount of Post Paid Mobile Send BILL / USG via SMS to 53333. Do needful as per reply received. If Billing Limit cross, arrange to Pay soon. This service is chargeable by Rs.3/- per SMS.
ISd on Prepaid 2. To Activate ISD on Your Prepaid Mobile send ACT<space> ISD via SMS to 53333. Your ISD will be activate within 24 hours & a confirmation SMS will also come for it. ISD Rates may apply.
Mobile E-Bill 3. For receiving your Post Paid Mobile Bill on your Mail ID send EBILL<space> E-Mail ID via SMS to 53333 from your Mobile. Your Post Paid Mobile Bill come to your e-mail from next billing cycle.
3. 123 Friend & Family

View Friends and Family List  

Dial  USSD Short Code: List - *123*12#,  or send  FNFVIEW  Txt SMS to 123

To Add Friends and Family(Add,Modify) 
To Modify

send  FNFADD<MSISDN> i.e.
FNFADD <8901569197>to add FnF,to 123 or  Dial USSD Code  FNFadd-*123*6*<MSISDN>#

FNFMOD<Old_MSISDN> <New_MSISDN>i.e. FNFMOD <8901569197 8901610005> send to 123  or Dial USSD code FNFmod-*123*10*<old FnFnum>*<new FnFnum>#
4. 58355 BSNL GPRS Setting For GPRS APN setting in your Mobile Handset, send Handset Make <space>Model (e.g. NOKIA 6600) to 58355 Via SMS. GPRS setting in your mobile can also be done on http://www.cellone.in/ through your computer internet. Save the Setting in your Mobile Handset & Enjoy Internet surfing.
5. 51010 BSNL LIVE For seeing / downloading Wallpapers, Video Songs, Movie in your Mobile dial 51010 or open http://bsnllive.in/ Live Enjoy as per your choice as per Pre-defined Rates.
6. 56700 BSNL Caller Tunes To listen your favourite song to your caller dial 56700 (IVR) & follow the instructions of IVR. The charges are Rs. 12/- P/M. for the Song & Rs. 30/- P.M. for the service. Follow the IVR & enjoy this Caller Tune Facility as per rates defined. You can Visit
7. 55447 Mobile TV To view Television in your mobile handset & start this facility send MY3G/2GTV to 55447 Activate TV in your mobile by clicking on the link received via reply SMS on pre-defined rates.
8. 51123 BSNL PUSH Mail To start this facility on your Mobile send SUB<space>BB to 51123. Enjoy this service to see your all mails in your Mobile Handset on Pre defined Rates on Monthly basis.
9. 155223 De-activation of VAS Service For deactivation of Value Added Services send STOP via SMS to 155223 or Call 155223 (IVR) Toll free. This is toll free Centralized Single Code VAS De-activation (155223) server to STOP your unwanted VAS Deductions.
10. 58081 To Revert Back C-Top Up Balance To revert back the Wrong Top-Up done from Your Ctop-Up Reatiler Sim, send REV<space>Mobile No.<space>Amount<Ref. ID via SMS to 58081. Any RCV /STV can not be reverted back. The Top-Up can only be reverted back within 2 Hours time of TOP-Up.
11. 1900 MNP (Mobile Porting) To Port out your existing Mobile No. to another operator send PORT<space>Mobile No. via SMS to 1900 & get Porting code. Fill application form by using this porting code & move from one Mobile operator to another.
12. 1909 Do Not Disturb (NDNC) Registry To Stop all incoming unwated Calls / SMS on your existing Mobile No. send START<space>0 or 1 to 9 (As per Choice) via SMS to 1909 & get NDNC Registration no. Enjoy this service to use your Mobile tension free from unwated Calls / SMS after 7 days (by START<space>0) from the date of Registration.
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