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Procedure for applying to Appellate Authority-

In case a subscriber/ consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his grievance by the Nodal Officer appointed in the respective Telecom Distt /SSA.or his complaint remains pending to be redressed with in the stipulated period, such subscriber/consumer may in writing can appeal to the appellate authority of Rajasthan Telecom Circle O/o Chief GMT Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Sardar Patel Marg, Jaipur-302008 with in the stipulated defined time period.

The appellate authority may entertain any appeal after the expiry of the stipulated period ofthree months but before one year from the time limit of ten days of the registration of the complaint by the nodal officer or three days of registration by the nodal officer relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection, if it is satisfied that there was sufficient cause for not filing it with in that period.Every appeal to the Appellate Authority shall be made in duplicate in the specified Performa along with Verification annexed with these instructions The Form/ performa /verification can also be obtained at every office of the Nodal Officer andthe appellate authority free of cost and can be downloaded from the circle website. i.e.

The appellant, being consumer may either in person or authorized any of his representative to present his case or send his representation with a request to disposed off the appeal without being in person. The Appellate Authority may decide any appeal with the consent between the parties at any stage of proceedings and such appeal shall be treated as decided with mutual consent of the parties.

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